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Today's post is gonna get a little bit serious in some parts, but hopefully enlightening & empowering in others. Cruelty-free is a phrase often heard in the beauty world. If you don't know why, it's because companies sometimes choose to test their products/product ingredients on animals to document reactions. Even though in this day & age this practice is completely unnecessary, some of the biggest & best-know (as well as most profitable) companies in the world still choose to use animal testing to determine these things. It's very unfortunate that innocent, living being suffer at the hands of pure greed.

Luckily, as consumers, we have the power of choice. We can choose to buy products from companies that don't conduct animal testing. We can choose to tell the companies that do test their products on animals that we don't condone it & are therefore going to stop purchasing their merchandise. We are the voice of the being that can't speak for themselves. And while I'm not going to go into the extent of suffering that these animals face due to this lack of corporate empathy, I can tell you this: it's not pretty.

I chose to become a cruelty-free consumer a few years back, when I because aware of these types of problems in the beauty industry. While I'm still learning everyday (& companies are changing their policies everyday, also), I don't find it so difficult to just say no to these brands. There are so many companies that choose to do consumer tests, on willing human participants. Just to name a few: Lush, The Body Shop, Burt's Bees, Nars, Urban Decay, E.L.F, Aesop... the possibilities are endless & so are the price-ranges.

This is a topic that I'm so passionate about. I live my life as a person that chooses to use cruelty-free products from awesome brands with compassionate, empathetic leaders. I choose to eat cruelty-free as well, so all the recipes you see on my blog are vegan & vegetarian friendly for that reason. That doesn't mean that you're a terrible person because you eat meat, or because you buy L'Oreal. On the contrary, this post is not an attack but my way of sharing awareness, since as beauty bloggers we contribute to this industry so much. All I ask is that you don't remain ignorant to this very real practice, that you make thoughtful choices... because you can, & some beings sadly can't. Their fate is chosen for them, & it's a terribly sad one.

So, which companies are cruelty-free, you may ask? If you're interested, PETA has a cruelty-free beauty brochure that you can download online or have sent to your home free of charge. Another great cruelty-free beauty resource is the blog My Beauty Bunny. It's a great blog that focuses on beauty that does not conduct testing on animals. This blog really helped me get started on my cruelty-free journey back in the day.

I thank you guys for reading my blog, & I hope that maybe we can all enlighten each other with our choices as a community often. Our blogs are ways into our personalities, passions, & goals. If just one person that reads this makes the choice to start buying cruelty-free, then a difference was made. Just don't forget, ignorance may be bliss, but it's often at the cost of someone else's safety.

I'm going to finish this post asking you guys for a favor while on the topic of animal cruelty. In my town, literally a few miles from where I live, two teenaged females tortured, abused, & mercilessly killed a Gopher Tortoise while filming these atrocities, laughing & joking lightheartedly, like they were enjoying an afternoon picnic. Not only are Gopher Tortoises endangered animals, but the fact that these two committed such a horrendous act towards a living, defenseless being needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law (which is not enough, if you ask me). If you could take a minute out of your day to sign this & this petition in order to ensure that the law works in the favor of this innocent turtle & all the other animals that endure such horror, everyone in my community would greatly appreciate it. I thank you in advance, from the bottom of my heart.

Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful day ♥


  1. A great post, and such an important topic I think. Not too long ago I decided to switch to cruelty-free products and while it hasn't been easy it has really made me into a much more aware consumer, and I am hoping to transition this mentality into more facets of my life.

  2. Thank you so much for putting this up Sofia! This is happening around us every day and most of choose to ignore it because it does not affect us directly. What we forget is, its us who are responsible for this in the first place! I hope a lot of people read and understand this and take it positively!

  3. The law in the UK (and the rest of the EU) is completely different from the US and other countries; it's illegal to test on animals and brands cannot get around the law by importing tested products from other countries. So every product in the UK can be labelled "cruelty-free." Personally, I don't boycott the parent brands of companies who test on animals in other countries because I believe this does more harm than good (boycotting a smaller brand that provides vegan products because their parent company test on animals means that smaller brand will simply stop making a profit and shut down; supporting these smaller, ethical brands is VERY important to show their parent companies that people want cruelty-free products).

    On the other hand, I'm quite careful with what I buy in regards to ingredients; I try to avoid buying products containing ingredients from animals (silk, beeswax, carmine, etc.) because personally this is more important to me and closer to "cruelty-free." But of course, living in a country that doesn't test on animals is much easier than if you do.

    This was an awesome post, thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks for your comment, Sophie! I really enjoyed reading it, & learning your information. You're completely right, I agree with you on the boycotting smaller ethical companies. I think that the fact that the smaller company is willing to stick to their beliefs despite what the mother company does speaks volumes, so I will always support these types of companies (i.e. The Body Shop, Burt's Bees).

  5. I hope so, too! It's really important to be aware, to stop pretending that the world is all rainbows & gum drops. It's something we should all have in the back of our minds, definitely.

  6. It's difficult at first, mainly because you have to literally THINK about everything you purchase! You have to read labels, do research, the whole thing. But eventually, it's all worth it if it helps save a life. Thank you for your comment Danielle!

  7. Brilliant post! I'm a vegetarian too, and I try to also be conscious when buying make-up and skincare. This is such an important subject, so I think it's great that you're bringing it up!

    xx Mimmi,

  8. Thank you Mimmi, I'm glad you liked my post! <3

  9. I really enjoy when people write posts discussing cruelty-free beauty products, it's an important aspect I think isn't discussed enough - so thank you.

  10. I'm your fan number one! I love your heart...I love your followers and their open minds, with people like you and them this world has more hope than
    what I though and that makes me have more faith and hope in humanity. I'm not as good as you with my words but I hope you can feel my love and how proud I'm of you baby girl, Mom.

  11. inbetweendaysblogJuly 31, 2014 at 6:35 AM

    I also make a conscious effort to choose cruelty free at every opportunity. This was such an interesting and thought provoking read. Also, I have nominated your blog for the liebster award on my most recent blog post if you wanted to take a look. Love your blog!

  12. Very nice. Every time I see these posts it gives me a little prod to remind me to be better. Thank you for that. I think everyone needs that every once in a while.

    Bloomin' Rouge

  13. thisgirlloveschicAugust 1, 2014 at 3:02 AM

    great post! its great to get your word out there!

    Girl Loves Chic

    : ThisGirlLovesChic


  14. <3 I love you! You're my best supporter! Thank you!

  15. I'm really glad! Like I said, it's important for us bloggers to inspire eachother, so we can reach our audiences & spread the word about these types of issues. Thank you SO much for nominating me, & being a reader! I'm quite flattered ;)

  16. There aren't enough posts like this in beauty blogging, well done for sharing what you believe in and raising awareness x

  17. Thanks darling! I agree, sometimes we don't want to admit the gritty bits of life but we have to do it!


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