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Just like my animal cruelty in the beauty industry post from what seems like soooo long ago, this one concerns my personal beliefs & reasons for going vegan. This is a very personal topic in my eyes, & so it can be a little bit difficult to talk about without wondering whether I'm offending anyone. But this blog is my voice, & I'm definitely not here to lecture anyone. I just want to spread love & awareness!

I became a vegan right around the time I started this blog, a little over a year ago. I honestly didn't want to associate myself with a label, so I chose against calling myself vegan for a long time. Recently I decided that I wasn't going to be afraid of that label anymore. I guess I felt like veganism was one of those topics, those that can feel quite aggressive or controversial at times, but I am starting to believe that that's only caused by the combination of an aggressive approach in explanation and/or a defensive response as a reaction. No one likes to be treated like they're lesser or not compassionate, & no one enjoys being judged. No one likes their beliefs treated as a joke.

When I was 12, I became a vegetarian after watching a video on the cruel practices of the meat industry in the U.S. I was obviously very young at the time & had never really associated the food on my plate as a previously living being. I followed a vegetarian diet on & off until I was 23, many times stopping not because I wanted to but because I saw it as 'inconvenient' to the people around me.

Last year, after abusing my body so long with disorderly eating habits, going from eating barely anything to way too much of the wrong stuff, I watched a movie called Vegucated, & once again being reminded of the disgusting, torturous ways farm animals are treated was more than enough for me to say I was done. The heart-wrenching sadness I experienced seeing this abuse & complete lack of compassion/humanity made it so easy for me to completely cut out meat, eggs & dairy. And the abuse doesn't stop there: I had no idea at this point, but found out later on through my research & through vegan communities, that the meat & dairy industry is also a main contender in the damage our Mother Earth has been enduring: deforestation, the CO2 emissions that are responsible for global warming, & many more. All of this because as humans, our wants have become more important that the Earth's needs.

I woke up. I realized that it's not my right to take, with machines that cause painful injuries, the milk that belongs to a baby calf who is in turn taken from it's mother, enslaved & shackled, unable to move just so it can become a tender cut of veal.

It's not my right to be passive about the fact that a cocktail of hormones is pumped into the breasts of chickens, which become so enlarged that the animal can't even stand upright, but it's okay because I'm getting more for less at the supermarket. 

It's not my right to eat beef as long as it's 'grass-fed', as if that actually means this cow was happy to give up it's life to be my burger. 

I wondered: Would I eat one of my cats? What makes a pig or lamb any different? Animals are all sentient. They all want to live. So I'm going to choose that my lifestyle will not partake in this senselessness anymore. 

I didn't choose this lifestyle because I wanted to lose weight (although I did) or to eat healthier (which I also did). I did this because I couldn't go on living knowing that another being was suffering because of my habits, because I had never been taught better. This lifestyle is beneficial to me & my well-being, but more importantly it's beneficial to the world. It's time to make a difference, to be the difference our planet so desperately needs.

Without judgement, I invite you & encourage to:

Take a small step forward. This is such an easy thing to do: include more meat-free meals, or even days into your week. Each time you exclude meat, eggs & dairy from your plate you are making a difference.

Be aware. Pretending this isn't a real issue isn't going to help our environment & the beautiful creatures living in it (including yourself!). Do your research, give this topic a voice & let it be in your radar. We can't stand idly by anymore & continue ignoring the problem!

Be the compassionate person you already are. Like myself all those years ago, maybe you still haven't put two-&-two together: meat comes from real, sentient beings that suffer pain, experience fear that is unimaginable to most of us, & want to live just like humans do!

I would love to discuss this with you all in the comments. I ask you to please remain your respectful & lovely self. 

Until next time! xo

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks if this topic interests you. I have worked *really hard* on a series of posts about veganism, so if you'd like stay tuned to my blog! It would mean so much to me if you gave this series a chance!

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