the true cost

Veganism to me isn't just a diet, but the way I choose to live my entire life. I choose to extend the compassion I feel for animals & the earth to human kind & the hardships of people we are rarely (& purposely) exposed to. Veganism in a nutshell is about living in a way that doesn't harm others.

The process of making your life vegan is very tedious, eye-opening & slow. It's not something that happens over night for most people, as we learn everyday of new things. It's also often heartbreaking. It's so hurtful to find out that something you've been doing without awareness of how it affects another could have caused bloodshed, tears, families being torn up... All the same things that happen to animals in slaughterhouses happening to our neighbors all over the world.

I recently watched a documentary called The True Cost about the world of a very appropriately coined term: fast fashion. It cracks right into how first-world consumption of inexpensive clothing brands (think Forever 21 or H&M) is dramatically affecting factory workers of the third-world, specifically in Bangladesh. Not only are the conditions extremely dangerous & demeaning for these workers, who are underpaid & mistreated, but the pollution this industry causes has even begun to affect regular citizens. They suffer from cancers, birth defects, etc., all due to the waste huge corporations dump on their land without thinking of it twice. It also touches on how these companies sell the idea of fast fashion to the first-world, manipulating us into believing that we will only be happy if we continue to consume at this alarming rate.

This documentary was one of those that hit me so hard. To think that I contributed to this! Following the grief I felt after watching it, similarly to what I chose to do after watching what made me become vegan, I decided to make a change in my own life so that I never have to say I've contributed to this disgusting industry ever again. I've learned after years of exposing myself to traumatic information that you have to move past the anger & grief quickly, & choose to do something to change it, even when that only starts with yourself.

Ultimately, that's what we each have to consciously do. Instead of turning a blind eye to the truth right in front of us, to the suffering of others & of our planet, we need to make these changes within ourselves in order to be of value to this world. We aren't at a point anymore where we can keep ignoring these problems. We can't only take action when the privileged first-world is affected. At the end of all this, we are all of different races & colors, but we are all still human & owe it to each other to look out for one another with the same amount of quality of care.

If you have a Netflix account, The True Cost is available there for you to watch, & I highly urge you to do so. Choose awareness, because that's how this world will change.

Until next time!

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