a tiny guide to ethical shopping

Hello everyone, & long time no see! I hope you are all doing well & that you had a good holiday season. I've been very busy with work & honestly not up to blogging lately. It's been a long dry-spell trying to come up with content that I'm happy with. I brought the new year not really in the best state of mind, so it's been hard to even think about this blog... but I stick to the fact that I want to use this platform to spread messages that can possibly make some type of impact, as small as it may be.

I recommended a documentary called The True Cost a while back, based on the world of fast fashion & the way our fellow humans & environment are affected by it, & I hope some of you had the chance to see it. It really opened my eyes to a lot of things &, along with the fact that I'm vegan, made me question a lot of my choices. I've altered the way I do a lot of things thanks to documentaries & articles alike.

I wanted to share with you some tips that helped me with shopping for material goods, ideas that I think are valuable. Much like veganism, this isn't something that most people would choose to practice at all times. Nevertheless,  I can hopefully encourage some of you to take these tips into consideration the next time you go shopping!

Second-Hand & Vintage
Buying pre-owned things is a great way to not only stop contributing to corporate consumerism/capitalism but to get what you're looking for at a more affordable price. In my eyes, it's way cooler to wear something that's not easily up for grabs, something unique & with a history, than something everyone & their mother owns because it was on a sale at some popular retail store. There is nothing wrong with buying something that's been previously owned, but if wearing second-hand clothes bothers you, there are tons of sites today where you can find brand new items that haven't been worn.

Shop Small
Supporting independent makers & creatives is imperative in this day & age. It's very important to put money in the pocket of someone trying to make something of themselves rather than making rich people richer. It's up to us to show big companies that we want quality & thoughtfully made items, that we don't support an ideal held up by mistreated & underpaid employees. For example, you can buy a handmade candle on Etsy instead of one at a big-name retail store. There is so much more love & care in shopping small business.

Investing vs. Spending
Buying a designer item that costs you quite a bit upfront as opposed to one that costs nearly nothing is always a better way to go in my opinion. Things aren't made well or ethically anymore unless you buy from someone that is working an old-school trade, like shoe-making, for example. Don't buy into the fantasy of fast-fashion; instead choose to save & invest in your belongings. You will spend less in the long run & mentally begin to find a new appreciation in the way things are made & what nice things are actually worth.

If you haven't been able to watch The True Cost, I recommend this short video from Vice News on a similar subject. If you give it a watch, let me know what you thought!

Do you have any tips on how to shop ethically or more thoughtfully?

Until next time! 

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