DIY body scrub bar

Your skin is probably gonna be a lot more exposed in the heat of the summer, which admittedly means it's time for me to shave my legs more often than once a month (tmi, perhaps?). Just like with the skin on your face, your entire body can sometimes use a good scrubbing to remove surface grime thoroughly. The result is brighter & softer skin at the expense of a couple of minutes out of your week.

To make this scrubbing bar, you need just 2 ingredients that you probably already have in your home: 3/4 cup of the coffee grinds left in your coffee filter & 1/2 cup of organic, virgin coconut oil. If you have some essential oils on hand they would make a great addition to your scrub bar, but honestly it smells really damn good as it is.

Method: Scoop your coffee grinds from the filter into a plastic tupperware. Add in the coconut oil, at room temperature. Mix it all together; you should end up with a really thick mixture. If it's too thick, add a little bit more oil & vice versa. Using a spoon, shape the mixture so that it's not touching the sides of the tupperware (this will make for easier removal). Once your done smoothing the whole thing over, place it in the freezer. After about 2 hours, it should be ready to use.

Use this bar in the shower - After washing, wet it & apply by directly scrubbing with the bar, or alternately rub it between your hands (it is cold!), then apply to your skin. Use your hand to rub the grinds in circular motions all over your body (you can even use this on your face). The coffee is obviously the scrubbing agent, while caffeine in it also helps encourage circulation. This is great for cellulite & scarring. The coconut oil is so moisturizing, but because you use this in the shower you don't end up a greasy mess. Pat your body dry. You don't have to use any moisturizer after using this bar. Stick the rest of the bar back in the freezer until you're ready to use it again.

I love this because it's super inexpensive & extremely easy to throw together. It's also effective! It's gentle on my sensitive skin, smells like an Almond Joy & makes my skin so soft.
One bar will hold for approximately 3 uses.

Until next time ♡

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