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The time between April & May has been a weird in-between period to be honest. I did a lot & very little all at the same time. I visited New York City for the first time & completely fell in love. What a beautiful, stimulating place! I really didn't want to leave - I felt like a New Yorker the second I arrived - & felt like four days was not nearly enough time. There's noise followed by quietness in the most unexpected places. There are beautifully dressed people & the brownstones, the brownstones! Flowers & trees are everywhere, along with fruit stands & vegan versions of anything you could think of. There's no way anyone could visit the city & not fall deep in enchantment. I am already planning my next visit.

Simultaneously I've been thinking of my life a lot & been really confused, feeling the same pressure any other 20-something year-old with seemingly no outlook does. I have ideas but I'm not sure how to get there. I put so much importance in figuring out what I'm meant to be doing, & often feel afraid that I'll never see to the other side. I hope the fog can clear someday.

Onto the things I've been enjoying...

I purchased a small bottle of Beautiful shower gel on a whim - I was already at the register when I read it has peaches in it & couldn't possibly resist. I'm so glad I bought it; the scent is amazing, lovely... Makes you feel so feminine! It's refreshing & sweet. Your skin will smell good all day.

My birthday came & went, & I took the time out to make myself a cake. Of course I had to assure it was made entirely of chocolate. I followed this recipe, which I would describe as time consuming but absolutely worth it. Please don't be alarmed by all the veggies in it! As skeptical as they were, my entire family loved this cake. I decorated it with homemade chocolate-covered strawberries because I knew they'd make me feel cute & special. If you happen to make it, I recommend refrigerating the cake for at least 24 hours prior to devouring. It makes it that much more decadent.

Due to the cold wind in NY, I have had a really chapped face - especially around my mouth. I was outside for so many hours exposed to the elements that it took a toll on my skin. I basically look like shit. Using a lot of moisturizer & dabbing tons of Balm Dotcom has been helping heal them so quickly. Miracle product! They come in different flavors now & I'm dying for the cherry one.
Up until recently, I hadn't had a good vegan alternative to coffee creamer, so I was usually drinking it with almond milk & some agave. If you want a more decadent experience, I highly recommend trying Califia's almond milk creamer. My favorite is hazelnut, but to be honest all of them are great. It's super creamy!

How are you? Anything you've enjoyed lately?
Until next time

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